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Yamaha RX-V3900 ★★★★★


日本参考价格:162,400日元(KAKAKU 2009年3月16日)

Yamaha's amazing run of producing value-packed amplifiers continues with the RX-V3900

For 赞同之处:
Creates a superb spread of sound; rich, welcoming presentation; good specification

Against 反对意见:
Some strong competition – notably the Pioneer SC-LX81
有些强有力的竞争者 - 著名的就是先锋公司的SC-LX81

Can Yamaha's multichannel amps and receivers do no wrong? Two of its Award-winning entry level machines performed spectacularly in December's magazine Supertest, the £400 DSP-AX763 and the DSP-AX863SE (£600).
And the £900 RX-V1900 has already received a rave review here on the website. Now, the RX-V3900 has a chance to stick another feather in Yamaha's fluffy cap.
Looking purely at its specification, the RX-V3900 looks positively underpowered when compared with rivals such as the Pioneer SC-LX81 and Onkyo TX-NR906. A miserly 140W per channel? You're probably wondering whether it's even worth the Yamaha turning up.
Power isn't everything
But, as we've said in the past, more power doesn't necessarily make a superior multichannel amplifier.
It's true that the RX-V3900 doesn't have the sheer muscle of the likes of the Onkyo, but it doesn't sound like you're being short-changed. There's still more than enough bass to feed on during the WWII action of Band of Brothers.
的确,RX-V3900功放没有象安桥功放这样具有纯粹的肌肉感,但它不会发出象欺骗了你钱的那种声音。在播放二战动作片《兄弟连 Band of Brothers》过程中,还是有超乎预料般足够多的低音来满足(你)。
The receiver's overall character is richer than that of its rivals, making it a great option if you've got a lively speaker package that could use some taming.
该功放的综合个性比起它的竞争对手要显得更丰富鲜明,如果你已有一对真实回放(lively?)的音箱组合,它能成为极佳的可选项,以达到某种“开垦驯服”(use some taming?)。
However, this richness doesn't prevent the Yamaha from being dynamic and agile, although the Pioneer has the edge in terms of outright clarity and detail.
Absorb yourself in the action
Yamaha's recent amps have excelled at immersing you in the action, and the RX-V3900 doesn't change a winning formula. The receiver spreads the sound perfectly between channels, making sure that there aren't any gaps in the soundfield.
During Tropic Thunder's opening credits, the Yamaha follows every move the helicopters make as they swoop through the jungle valley, culminating in anti-aircraft rockets that appear to fly directly over your head.
在电影《热带惊雷 Tropic Thunder》的开场字幕期间,该Yamaha功放跟随着直升机群产生的每一次移动,譬如它们穿过丛林山谷突袭、在笔直飞过你头顶的防空火箭弹中攀升到最高点。
CD playback suits the slightly rich tonal balance, with the Yamaha sounding more lyrical than the Onkyo TX-NR906. Instruments and vocals during Prince's Purple Rain are smooth and free-flowing – the RX-V3900 is very much an endearing listen.
CD回放上,与稍显浓郁的音调平衡感相对应,该Yamaha功放听上去比安桥的TX-NR906更加热情奔放。在Prince的《紫雨 Pruple Rain》演唱会上器乐和人声显得平滑圆润而流淌自如 - 该RX-V3900功放给予非常令人钟爱的收听体验。
All the features you'd expect
You won't find the Yamaha wanting in the features department, either. There's a good-looking GUI (graphical user interface), including a neat table that indicates which video and audio inputs are assigned to each source.
Four HDMI inputs and two outputs are the norm in this company, as is network connectivity and multiroom functionality. Upconversion and upscaling to 1080p are also included, the latter courtesy of Anchor Bay VRS video processing.
Yamaha公司按常理出牌给(这款功放)配备四个HDMI输入端子和二个输出端子,同样也具备网络连接和多区域功能。同样包括转换和升频至1080P功能,能感受到较新的Anchor Bay VRS视频处理能力所带来的好处。
The Yamaha also includes HDMI-to-HDMI upscaling, although it's difficult to see any major benefit on-screen.
Not for the first time in recent months, Yamaha has produced a multichannel receiver that represents great value for money.
Just one note on the price: Yamaha has announced it will rise to £1500 from January 1st, as we reported here, so if you're thinking of buying one, now's the time.


Yamaha RX-V1900 ★★★★★



日本参考价格:113,985日元(KAKAKU 2009年3月29日)

At this price, the RX-V1900 can't put a foot wrong – it's a real jewel in the Yamaha range
在该价位内,该RX-V1900功放不能踏错一步 - 它是Yamaha系列中一颗真正的珠宝

For 赞同之处:
Build quality; ease of use; immense steering of surround effects; dynamic, authoritative and detailed sound

Against 反对意见:
It goes up to £1000 on January 1st

Yamaha's £600 AV amplifier, the DSP-AX863SE, has left the manufacturer with a problem. That Award-winner punches so far above its weight, products such as this one have to work very hard.
Yet the RX-V1900 is clearly in a different league. The receiver looks and feels like a premium product. The fascia is sleek and minimalist – all buttons and AV inputs are hidden behind a panel under the display.
然而,该RX-V1900功放明显在不同的比赛项目上。该功放看起来和感觉起来象一款质优但价高的产品。它面板是明快时髦而极简抽象的 - 所有的按钮和音视频输入端子都藏在显示屏下的面板后面。
Compared with the '863SE, power output is up to 130W per channel. It, too, uses Yamaha's YPAO speaker calibration system, but you can measure for up to eight different listening positions.
Unlike the '863, this model is a receiver, with both FM and AM tuners; there are four HDMI inputs, and two-zone functionality. And the RX-V1900 handles all HD audio formats.
And this model can undoubtedly shift performance up a gear or two. The sense of scale and authority that it produces is truly sensational.
Dynamically powerful performance
In the Band of Brothers Blu-ray, as Easy Company parachute into Normandy, the night sky explodes into life with the sound of planes, anti-aircraft gunfire and mid-air explosions.
在蓝光电影《兄弟连 Band of Brothers》里,当E连降落到诺曼底,夜空在飞机声、防空炮火声和半空中的爆炸声中显示出生机。
Then, when the soldiers head off to search for the rest of their company, the Yamaha delivers the tension-filled atmosphere to perfection.
Whenever a gun battle breaks out, bullets whiz by your listening position with unerring accuracy and each grenade explosion sounds solid and convincing.
CD playback is good for an AV receiver. The Yamaha doesn't produce the most subtle or delicate of sounds, but it can deliver good musicality and weight.
The RX-V1900 is a fine purchase if you want the next step up from Yamaha's cheaper AV amplifiers. Not only is the feature count higher, but this receiver raises the benchmark of sound quality, too.
However, one note of warning: Yamaha is planning to raise the price of the RX-V1900 to £1000 from January 1st 2009 as we reported here, so if you want to get one at £900, you'd better move fast.








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Denon AVR-2809 ★★★★



日本参考价格:94,000日元(KAKAKU 2009年3月21日)

Good in many ways – not the best-in-class, but a solid and competitive performer in most regards
在许多方面称得上好 - 不是“同一价位中最佳”的那种好,但是款扎实而且在绝大多数关注点上有竞争性的选手

For 赞同之处:
Very capable sound in most regards; well-made; strong specification for the price; comparatively stylish

Against 反对意见:
The only really big issue is that Yamaha's sonically better rival buy is also £200 cheaper

We've been flooded for requests for a review of Denon's new AVR-2809 on our forums at whathifi.com, a testament to both the high regard most home cinema enthusiasts have for Denon products in general, and to the specific appeal of the product itself.
The thing is, while the new AVR-2809 isn't anything especially revolutionary in itself, it's attracting attention because it's been so carefully 'pitched' at the market. The price is about right – cheaper than Onkyo's leviathans, for starters – the styling and build is good, and in spec terms, it presses all the right buttons.
重要的是,新款AVR-2809功放自身内部没有任何专门的革命性(成就),它吸引着注意力是因为它已非常小心谨慎地做好了市场定位。它的定价基本正确 - 比Onkyo公司的怪兽级功放要便宜,对于入门玩家来说 - 款式和构造是可取的,同时在规格条款方面,它按对了所有按钮(注:指规格设置上不高不低地正确)。
Such as? Fitting four HDMI 1.3a inputs is a welcome and sensible progression over cheaper kit, as is the provision of full upconversion to HDMI standard plus 1080p upscaling, the latter courtesy of Faroudja.
譬如说?在较低端的装备上布置四个HDMI 1.3a输入端子是深受欢迎的且明智的进步,这样用较新款Faroudja(倍频器)的优势,以提供全面向上转换到HDMI标准输出甚至可升频至1080P。
There's ample power, quoted using measuring criteria that are a sight more trustworthy than those used by many rivals, and as a significant step towards added quality, the Denon uses the premium Audyssey Multi EQ XT automatic calibration and equalisation system to fine-tune itself to your speakers and acoustics.
有足量功率,标榜使用比许多竞争对手已用的更可信赖些的测量准则,且作为迈向附加质量因素重要的一步,该Denon功放使用高级的Audyssey公司出产的多声道EQ XT自动校准均衡系统以对自身根据你的音箱和声学环境微调参数。
Advanced auto calibration system
This is teamed with the new Audyssey Dynamic EQ and Dynamic Volume systems, which (among other things) attempt to automatically compensate for variations in volume level across broadcast content – see www.audyssey.com/technology for more details.
它已经套用上新的Audyssey公司的“动态EQ及动态音量系统(Dynamic EQ and Dynamic Volume systems)”,这系统(在其它东西的合作下)尝试随播放内容自动地补偿音量水平上的变化 - 预知细节可参见www.audyssey.com/technology
Of course, some will point at various aspects of the Denon's make-up and attempt to pick it apart. The Faroudja FLI2310 video processor it totes is considered by many to be inferior to the Onkyo TX-SR876's HQV system, for example, and it also 'only' has one HDMI video output.
当然,有些人会指出该Denon功放添加粉饰(影音效果)的各种方面并尝试将它驳斥得体无完肤。许多人认为该功放配备的Faroudja FLI2310视频处理器次于Onkyo公司的TX-SR876的HQV系统,比方说,该功放也仅有一个HDMI视频输出端子。
But you know what? As we've said consistently for, ooh, decades, the specification of a product is only part of the story. It's how it performs that really counts, and here the Denon is just fine.
It's got plenty of authority and drive, as you'd expect: spinning the heavyweight action scenes in Transformers, there's all the air-shifting, sofa-rattling authority most listeners and sensibly-sized living rooms could need, with an especially appealing sense of space and cohesion to the surround soundfield.
如你会期望的,它具有大量营造力(authority?)和驱动力:在电影《变形金刚 Transformers》中飞快变换重量级动作片场景,那里都是些绝大多数听众在合理尺寸大小起居室内能要体会到的空中变换位置、沙发卡嗒作响的气氛营造(authority?),且在环绕声场的空间感和结象力上有特别吸引人的感觉。(注:这段只能翻译到这样大致意思,期待高手)
Glosses over some subtle elements
Clarity is impressive too, although the Yamaha DSP-AX863SE we used as a reference comparison felt even more surgical in its precision and accuracy: it pulled out subtle elements from the dense soundfield at the start of I Am Legend that the Denon rather glossed over.
在清晰度上也是给人印象深刻的,虽然我们用来作为参考对比的Yamaha DSP-AX863SE令人感觉在其精度和准度上甚至更象外科手术般(直指目标):它(DSP-863SE)在电影《我是传奇 I Am Legend》开场部分在密集的声场中将细微元素显现突出,而Denon的(AVR-2809)功放就有点掩盖而过的感觉。
Switching to music, the AVR-2809 shows many of the same strengths. It's articulate enough to recognise the rhythm being fed to it and tonally enjoyable, but at the same time, a little slower and flabbier in the bass than the class best.
It is, however, better than the Onkyo TX-SR876, which we also had in for comparison testing. If it was a straight choice between the two, we'd take the Denon every time: it's a more rounded product, and it's also cheaper.
但是,它好过我们拿来做对比测试的Onkyo TX-SR876。如果在这二者之间做个直接选择,我们将每次都挑选这个Denon功放:它是一个更全面的产品,而且同时它也更便宜。
So why doesn't it get five stars? Simple: we already felt that the Yamaha was a better performer when we believed the two cost similar money – and then Yamaha cut the DSP-AX863SE's price by £200, making it a clearly better buy in terms of performance-per-pound.
因此为什么不给它五星评定?很简单:当二个(AVR-2809和AX863SE)售价接近相同时,我们已经感觉Yamaha功放是个更好的选手 - 而然后Yamaha将DSP-AX863SE的价格又降低了200英镑,用“每英镑性能计”的话,毫无疑问AX863SE更值得买。
But if you're a Denon fan, or want to round-off a system that already includes Denon source components, or simply if you can find a good deal, you'll be more than happy with an AVR-2809.

Denon AVR-4308 ★★★★




Superb, but Onkyo’s TX-SR875 gets close sonically. Too close

For 赞同之处:
Excellent sonic performance with movies; passable stereo sound; extensive spec; useful, effective network features, brilliant user interface

Against 反对意见:
Very expensive – you can get similar sound quality for half the price
非常昂贵 - 你可以一半的价格得到相像的声音质量

Denon’s new AVR-4308 isn’t one to hide its light under a bushel. Just take a look at that flap on its front panel: we’ve never seen a fascia more crowded with logos.
What that warpaint clearly highlights is the AVR-4308’s complexity. Calling it a mere home cinema receiver doesn’t really do it justice: it’s more of a multimedia hub that happens to perform a home cinema function.
An example? Let’s say you want to listen to the radio: you can choose from AM, RDS FM, DAB or, so long as you’ve got broadband, Internet Radio, the latter offering access to thousands of stations all over the world.
举例?让我们比方你想收听电台:你可以在AM、RDS FM(注:RDS=Radio Data System无线数据系统)、DAB(注:Digital Audio Broadcasting 数字音频广播)或者,只要你有宽带上网设施,互联网电台之间选择,后者提供了接触到遍布全世界的几千个电台的可能。
And, since the Denon has integral Wi-Fi, you don’t even need to make a wired connection to your router: it’ll automatically seek out your home network for you.
But what if you prefer to use discs to store your tunes? No problem: you can choose from CD, HDCD, SACD and DVD-Audio; alternatively, if digitally compressed music is your bag, the Denon supports AAC, FLAC, MP3, WAV and WMA files, and has both iPod dock and USB ins. It even meets the DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance) spec, so it will play music from any suitable PC or network server, such as a Network Attached Storage box.
但如果你宁愿使用碟片储存你的歌曲呢?没问题:你可以从播放CD、HDCD、SACD、和DVD-Audio之间选择;另外,如果数码压缩音乐是你喜欢的,该Denon功放支撑播放AAC、FLAC、MP3、WAV和WMA格式文件,另同时有iPod座和USB输入接口。它甚至符合DLNA(Digital Living Network Alliance数码生活网络联盟)的技术规范,所以它可以从任何合适的个人电脑或者网络服务器上播放音乐,譬如一个网络附属储存器(NAS box)。
Dream menus
Clearly, all this flexibility could intimidate the unwary, but the AVR-4308 is easier to use than you’d expect, thanks to its fabulous new on-screen menus, complete with gorgeous icons and clear text instructions: it’s not only intuitive to navigate, it’s also a positive pleasure to use.
Naturally, the AVR-4308 will decode everything in modern multichannel movie sound, including high-definition audio formats. It also sports video conversion and upscaling (up to 1080p), automatic speaker calibration and equalization, powerful amplification and enough sockets for any conceivable installation, including three multiroom zones.
That’s all the bases covered: let’s talk sonic turkey. HD audio sounds best, of course: the uncompressed PCM audio of Flags Of Our Fathers sounds monstrous, its midrange dynamics rendered with as much savagery as we’ve heard.
这是所有遍及到的基础:让我们直接切换到声音效果。当然,高清音频听上去最好;电影《我们父辈的旗帜 Flags Of Our Fathers》中无压缩PCM音频听上去令人吃惊的恐怖,它的中频动态演绎出我们曾听到过的最大程度的凶猛野性。
The crashing muzzle reports of artillery are about as ‘real’ as we’d like these things to get, and like all the best surround receivers, the Denon can also shift the boundaries of your listening room, giving you the acoustic sense of a higher, wider, more cinematic space.
A musical mixed bag
Music, meanwhile, is more of a mixed bag. Running in Pure Direct, with all of its video circuitry switched off and its tone controls bypassed, the Denon is able enough, if a little leaden of foot. Of course, lower-quality compressed music sounds less enjoyable, although the AVR-4308’s Restorer function – which can be activated for iPod, USB and network audio – is worth experimenting with.
同时,音乐多过于一个大杂烩。在纯直通下运行,它所有的视频电路切换到关闭而且所有的音调控制都旁通掉,该Denon功放足够有(播放音乐的)才华,除了在低音区域有点沉闷暗淡。当然,低品质压缩过的音乐听起来有些无趣,虽然该AVR-4308功放的修补功能 - 可以为iPod、USB设备和网络音频而激活 - 值得去体验。
Summing a product like this up isn’t easy. It’s a great receiver in many ways, and if you can afford one, it’s well worth your consideration. Our concern is that, good as it sounds, it doesn’t deliver a significant sonic improvement over Onkyo’s £1000 TX-SR875.
为象这样一个产品做总结不是一件容易的事。在许许多多方面,它是一款极佳的收音扩音机,而且如果你能买得起,它非常值得你考虑。我们的顾虑在于:象它发音一样好,它没有传递出比1000英镑的Onkyo TX-SR875功放更加显著的声学进步。
Yes, the Denon is more flexible, and yes, it’s better to use – the issue is that it’s also twice as expensive. If you consider that premium worth spending, then fine: however, we can’t help feeling that, good as it is, the AVR-4308 is about £500 too expensive.
是的,该Denon功放有更多适用性,也是的,它更方便使用 - 问题在于它几乎(比TX-SR875)贵了将尽二倍。如果你认为那是值得花费的优质优价,那很好:但是,我们不仅要这样想,象它现在这样的好处,该AVR-4308大约还是贵了500英镑。









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Marantz SR8002 ★★★★



日本参考价格:150,000日元(KAKAKU 2009年3月22日)

The SR8002 is a solid performer in all respects – it’s well equipped, too
该SR8002功放在各方面是一个扎实的选手 - 也有不错的硬件

For 赞同之处:
A big, bold but still subtle sound; good with music - for a multi-channel amp; fine build

Against 反对意见:
Not quite the last word in insight

The SR8002 IS a serious attempt by Marantz to take on the best top-end receivers at this price. And by that, we mean the Onkyo TX-SR875. Despite the hefty price tag, no one can complain about features. We could list each one, but it would take far more space than we’ve got here.
Rest assured, the SR8002 is as well equipped as most people will ever need; more specifically, it is right at home with the full range of audio standards available on Blu-ray. This receiver also has a pair of switchable HDMI outputs, which will let you connect say, a projector and TV at the same time.
The SR8002's build quality is as good as you'd expect for the money, and the remote is a fair bit more intuitive than many we've tried. Our only criticism is aimed at the receiver's input selector, which feels slightly imprecise in use.
A claimed power output of 7 x 125 watts suggests plenty of scale and authority, and the SR8002 has a solidity and punch to its presentation that's rare. This is an AV receiver that takes everything in its stride, from the shoot-outs in Training Day to the full-scale battles of Lord of the Rings. Importantly, composure is never compromised, even at high-volume levels.
宣称的7x125瓦功率输出使人相信有大量的刻画和掌控力(scale和authority?),而且该SR8002功放对于重现演出有着罕见的充实度和冲击力。这是一个从容地包含一切在内的AV功放,从电影《培训日 Training Day》中的枪战戏到电影《魔戒 Lord of the Rings》中的全面战役。重要的是,甚至在大音量水平上,都没有损害到那份沉着镇静。
Power and panache
Now, if all this makes this Marantz sound like something of a beast, it is; but it's a beast that's about as house-trained as Lassie. Pushed hard, the top-end stays smooth and refined, while the midrange has a hint of warmth that's rare in the world of multichannel amps.
Play a movie with a low-key soundtrack such as The Proposition and this Marantz is right at home, making the most of vocal nuances and small-scale effects of the kind that create an atmosphere rather than make your windows rattle.
在家播放带有低沉配乐的电影,譬如电影《关键协议 The Proposition》,该Marantz功放是恰当的,它制造出最大化的人声细微差别和那种营造出一种氛围而不是让你的窗户卡嗒乱响的小动静效果。
The good news continues with music, where the company's reputation of making fine, musical-sounding kit remains intact.
Why does the SR8002 fail to get all five stars? Compared with the class champ - yes, that popular Onkyo TX-SR875 we mentioned - the Marantz lacks a little in the way of insight and dynamic contrast. The Onkyo offers a slightly clearer view into whatever it is reproducing, and costs £300 less.
为什么该SR8002功放没有获得所有的五颗星?与该级别冠军 - 是的,我们提到过的深受欢迎的Onkyo TX-SR875功放 - 该Marantz功放在洞察力和动态对比上尚缺那么一点。那Onkyo功放提供了一个稍显更清晰的视角(使我们可以)深入探究到它在再现什么,同时也更便宜300英镑。
Even so, the SR8002 should be high on any shortlist. It has a broad range of talents and should work well in a wide range of systems. All in all, this is a very good receiver.

Onkyo TX-NR906 ★★★★



日本参考价格:219,800日元(KAKAKU 2009年3月7日)

Not the best in class, but a very solid receiver in many ways, and a great choice for movie action fans

For 赞同之处:
Phenomenal scale and authority to sound; extensive spec; impressive build; superlative video processing
非凡的对声音的刻画和掌握力(scale and authority?);应有尽有的技术规格;令人印象深刻的外形;最高级别的视频处理能力

Against 反对意见:
Others at this price offer a little more agility and composure

As multichannel receivers go, Onkyo products have never been considered supermodels. Take the TX-NR906.
In the kindest possible way, this machine is the Vinnie Jones of AV amplifiers: uncompromising, menacing and mean-looking. The untidy fascia is dotted with no fewer than 14 buttons – and that’s before you delve behind the drop-down aluminium panel.
以最宽宏大量的可能方式(比喻),这机器就是AV功放中的Vinnie Jones(注:X-Men 3中那个力大无穷的撞墙“机器”):强硬不屈、“目露凶光”而且相貌平平。凌乱的(前)面板上星罗棋布着不下于14个按钮 - 这还在你去钻研铝质翻盖面板背后花头之前所看到的。
Chock-full of features
Serious attention has been paid to the video processing of the amplifier as well as the audio side.
The Onkyo is certified by the Imaging Science Foundation (ISF) and, as a result, comes with special video calibration settings (including hue, saturation, contrast and brightness) that can be accessed for each individual input so you can fine-tune the picture to your heart’s content.
Alternatively, you can pay a fully-qualified ISF engineer to come out and calibrate your system. The Onkyo is also equipped with a HQV Reon-VX processor that can upscale video to 1080p.
或者,你也可以雇一个有全面资格的ISF工程师上门来校准你的系统。该Onkyo功放也配备了一块能将视频升至1080P的HQV Reon-VX处理器。
The net result of both of these features is that the Onkyo produces a picture that’s definitely no worse than the competition, but you’d be hard pressed to notice a significant improvement in picture quality over its rivals.
Power pumped up to the max
Thankfully, the TX-NR906 is much more capable than Vinnie when it comes to dealing with movies. If you lust after pure power, the Onkyo won’t disappoint.
This amplifier has more muscle than a pumped-up Arnold Schwarzenegger in his prime. It’s hardly surprising, given that the 24kg TX-NR906 features an upgraded power supply and huge toroidal transformer that pushes the power output up to a whopping 220W per channel.
In Hellboy II: The Golden Army, when our hero is attacked by a swarm of tooth fairies, the Onkyo receiver hits you with a wall of sound.
在电影《地狱男孩2之黄金军团 Hellboy II: The Golden Army》当我们的英雄被一群齿仙围攻时,Onkyo功放用一堵声音之墙给予(听众)你重击。
The dynamics of the gunfire, combined with those of the swarming fairies and accompanying music score, are so intense that they come quite close to overpowering the listener.
Switch to two-channel playback and this lack of finesse is once again evident: Prince’s Kiss has real slam and attack, but it fails to connect with a sense of resonance.
This Onkyo receiver might not have the sonic class of some of its competitors here, but it’s built to last and blow your mind with the aid of those foundation-crumbling dynamics.


Onkyo TX-NR905 ★★★★★




If you need one fully loaded receiver to do everything – and you don’t mind if it gets a bit hot – then you have to hear this one
如果你需要一个重型装备功放去做一切事 - 同时你不在意它是否有点滚烫 - 那么你必须听听这个

For 赞同之处:
Near endless specification; truly thrilling movie sound

Against 反对意见:
Not quite as adept with music

In common with the rest of the current Onkyo receiver range, the TX-NR905 is a big, brutal-looking  block of a machine – though the black finish of our review sample looks less intimidating than the silver that’s also available.
与目前其它Onkyo功放系列一样,该TX-NR905功放是一块大只而面露凶相的机器 - 虽然我们评测样机的黑色外表处理看上去比同样有卖的银色机要少些胁迫力。
As you would expect from a receiver at this sort of money, it’s generously specified and should be able to function as the engine for even the most expansive system. The ‘tech specs’ panel gives the full details, but consider these particular highlights: the ’905 has four HDMI inputs, so is able to support all the HDMI-enabled products you might be likely to own at once.
It’s also packing two HDMI outputs, so lucky folk with both a flatscreen and a projector can switch between the two without any unseemly groping around the back of the equipment.
The ‘N’ in the model number refers to the Onkyo’s networking ability, and while it’s not the most intelligent or intuitive networking receiver we’ve seen (it doesn’t import internet radio station names automatically, so you have to find them manually, and there’s no wi-fi built in), it’s an able and logical facility.
Movie masterclass
It’s movie sound that is the raison d’etre of a product like this, though, and the Onkyo is an absolute powerhouse. Whether decoding the DTS HD-Master 7.1 soundtrack to our Blu-ray of Oldboy or the standard, Dolby Digital 5.1 soundtrack to a DVD version of Control, the TX-NR905 delivers a soundstage of simply prodigious dimensions.
虽然象NR905功放这样产品的存在理由(raison d'etre)是(为表现)电影声效,但该Onkyo功放确是一个绝对的发电站。无论是解码电影《Oldboy》的7.1 DTS HD-Master音轨还是DVD版本电影《Control》标准的5.1 Dolby Digital音轨,该TX-NR905功放传送出一种简直巨大无边的声音舞台。
Effects are steered with precision and alacrity, integrated effortlessly into the soundtrack as a whole while simultaneously remaining distinct and easy to follow. The Onkyo is able to sweep from the very bottom of the frequency range (where it is monumentally solid and substantial) to the very top (crisp and attacking) seamlessly and it allows dialogue the space to communicate without being overwhelmed by the sonic pyrotechnics going on all around.
Cast-iron grip
Few receivers at less than £2000 have the ’905’s cast-iron grip and authority; even fewer can summon this sort of trouser-flapping low-frequency presence while remaining quite so poised.
By these standards, music playback is a slight letdown. There’s the signature drive and attack, plus a deft facility with voices, but the ’905 is fractionally blurred at the bottom end. It’s more than a match for price-comparable competition, mind, which means the award of five stars is as predictable as night following day.

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Rank: 30Rank: 30Rank: 30Rank: 30

发表于 2016-1-5 |
Onkyo TX-SR876 ★★★★




Thumping good fun in many ways, but sonically it's not as rounded as it ought to be to keep pace with some highly competitive rivals

For 赞同之处:
Considerable spec; powerful, effective video processing; massive, muscular sound; build; value

Against 反对意见:
Not as articulate, detailed or accurate as the new class best

It's not easy replacing a legend. Onkyo's TX-SR875 swept all before it last year, battering its way to the forefront of the home cinema category in formidable fashion. Few receivers could rival it for specification or build quality (even those costing much more), and hardly any could muster anything like the same good-times, hard-charging intensity with our favourite films. Small wonder it earned a 2007 Best Buy award.
替代一个传奇不是件容易的事。Onkyo TX-SR875功放去年横扫在它面前的一切功放,以令人可畏的方式打开一条通向家庭影院类别最前线的血路。很少功放能在技术规格或外形质量上能与之匹敌(甚至那些更贵许多的),并且几乎没有任何其它(功放)能汇集起象在以往(温馨)好时光的这一切,给予我们喜爱的电影以强充电式的光彩。(注:这句没办法翻译得更好。)很少人会惊讶于它(Onkyo TX-SR875)能获得2007年度最值得买大奖。
But all good things have to come to an end eventually, and with every rival in the home cinema business working overtime to try to topple Onkyo's position at the top table, it was only a matter of time before the company had to introduce an '875 replacement simply to remain competitive. So, here it is: the TX-SR876.
Naturally, the newcomer is enhanced next to its forebear, but it's a subtler makeover than some might have expected – partially, in fairness, because last year's model was already so well specified, it didn't need much added on to keep pace with most rivals spec-wise.
自然而然,新来者要在它前任基础上提高价值,但这款与有些人期望的相比只是一个狡猾的翻新 - 部分原因,公平地说,因为去年的型号已经是如此很好地装备了,它不必要太多地增加内容就可以与绝大多数的竞争对手在规格方面并驾齐驱。
There are two HDMI outputs, rather than one, some new processing and decoding options (THX Ultra2 Plus certification, including THX Loudness), enhanced Audyssey calibration and equalisation (for optimized integration with your speakers and room) and, perhaps most significantly, upgraded video processing with an ISF calibration mode.
有二个HDMI输出端子,多于一个哦,一些新的处理和解码选项(THX Ultra2+认证,包括THX响度技术),增强的Audyssey校准和均衡(为与你的音箱和房间最优化整合),和,也许是最显著的(方面),使用ISF校准模式的升频化视频处理能力。
ISF video calibration mode comes as standard
The Onkyo incorporates ISF (Imaging Science Foundation) accreditation. ISF-qualified dealers offer specialist video calibration of your home cinema display to optimise its performance with your various video sources, and we've seen dedicated ISF-accessible video options become popular in products like TVs and projectors.
But this is the first AV receiver we've tried to include the feature, a reflection of just how much modern receivers have become multimedia hubs in today's home cinema set-ups.
The latest HQV Reon-VX video processing in the '876 can both upscale and enhance your various video signals: you get fine-tuning adjustment over brightness, contrast, hue, saturation and gamma, for example.
在TX-SR876功放中最新版本的HQV Reon-VX视频处理能力既能升频也同时加强你的多种视频信号:譬如,在亮度、对比度、色调、饱和度和灰度上,你得到微调至佳的调整。
Now, thanks to a calibration mode accessible to the user and ISF-accredited technicians, you can get the very best video-calibrated results from your Onkyo, with each of your video sources optimised to the HQV processing to get the best performance for each type of picture.
Sound quality is much as before - hugely powerful
声音质量和以前非常相像 - 超级强大
That's all well and good, but the surprise is that the Onkyo's sound quality hasn't moved on as much as we'd hoped. It's still hugely powerful (if not quite as muscular as the company's slightly generous power ratings suggest), with an all-action feel that really thrills during big action moments.
Crank the volume with suitable speakers and an appropriately silly film – Transformers, say – and you'll be hugely impressed, no doubt about it: the TX-SR876 is almost dismissively generous in its scale and drama.
配合合适的音箱、挑部有点无聊的电影 - 就说《变形金刚 Transformers》吧 - 调大音量,你将会被留下非常深刻的印象,不要质疑它:TX-SR876功放在它的刻画力和戏剧功力上几乎有点藐视(电影对它挑战)的慷慨大方。
But at the same time, it now seems something of a blunt instrument next to rivals boasting superior agility, clarity and accuracy. While the Onkyo's sheer thrust never ceases to raise a grin, its steamroller approach to some soundtrack subtleties does start to overwhelm after a while.
The faster, more articulate-sounding Pioneer SC-LX81 digs up notably more expression in its bass and a greater sense of space, detail and openness to its midrange, while: given its extra cost, that's perhaps to be expected.
Onkyo now faces some seriously capable rivals
However, the bigger surprise is just how well Yamaha's smaller, apparently more feeble DSP-AX863SE dances around the Onkyo's sonic haymakers.
The cheaper amplifier finds pace and vitality the TX-SR876 struggles to equal, while relaying notably more character and realism in both voices and subtle, off-camera asides.
True, the Yamaha doesn't have anything like the Onkyo's hugely capable video processing in its arsenal, but that can't (in our view) overcome the salient point at hand – that this much cheaper amplifier is actually more enjoyable to listen to with both films and music.
确实,在它的弹药库中该Yamaha功放没有任何象Onkyo功放那种超级能干的视频处理能力,但(在我们的观点上)那不能胜过顺手拈来的极其显眼的要点 - 即这便宜许多的功放实际上在电影和音乐二方面聆听上都令人更愉快。
Of course, there'll be some who find the Onkyo's allure irresistible: fair enough. Us? We're still fans – but we're also a little disappointed that, improved as it is, the TX-SR876 isn't as radical an advance on prevailing standards as its forebear.
当然,总有些人会认为Onkyo功放的吸引力是无可抵挡的:这也相当公平。我们呢?我们还是(Onkyo的)粉丝 - 但我们也有一点失望,按目前TX-SR876功放的改进,它不是象它的前辈那样是随主流标准推进的激进分子。


Onkyo TX-SR875 ★★★★★




This is everything we want from a grand’s-worth of receiver right now – Onkyo is bang on form
这是当下我们需要从一个十分超值的功放上获得的一切 - Onkyo公司正赶上这趟

For 赞同之处:
Barnstorming multichannel performance; skilful in stereo; extensive feature count

Against 反对意见:
Less-than-good looking; runs pretty hot

Nearly all the news is good where the TX-SR875 is concerned. In fact, it’s brimming with positives, so let’s start with a negative. It’s a theme we reprise a lot with Onkyo lately – but as long as it turns out equipment that looks like this, we’ll keep saying it. The TX-SR875 seems to have been styled by committee, or by a precocious child with a setsquare.
只要TX-SR875功放涉及的,几乎所有的新闻都是好报道。事实上,该功放身上满溢着正面表扬,因此让我们从一条负面消息开始。最近我们反复许多次提及一条关于Onkyo公司的话题 - 但只要它继续生产出象这样的装备,我们将继续这样说它。这TX-SR875功放的样式风格象是由(官僚)委员会,或者是一个早熟的孩子用三角尺,设计出来的。
But like Peter Beardsley, this Onkyo is as talented as it is homely. Even before it’s plugged in, it’s begun to impress. HDMI switching, comprehensive automatic set-up, video processing and upscaling, plus support for and decoding of Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD mean the Onkyo is in the vanguard of next-generation receivers.
但就像Peter Beardsley(注:前英国国脚),该Onkyo功放在朴实(外表)下有着天赋。甚至在给它通电前,就开始吸引注意力。HDMI切换、详尽的自动设置、视频处理和升频能力,外加支持和可解码Dolby Digital Plus、Dolby TrueHD和DTS-HD,这些意味着该Onkyo功放成为次世代功放的先锋。
It’s safe to say the TX-SR875 makes more of the Flags of Our Fathers soundtrack than any price rival. It creates an extraordinarily wide soundstage, giving the impression that your speakers are all ten feet further away than they actually are.
有把握地说,该TX-SR875功放比其它任何价位的竞争对手将电影《我们父辈的旗帜 Flags of Our Fathers》音轨播放出更多(细节)。它创造出一个格外宽广的声音舞台,给予(你)一种印象:你所有的音箱都离它们实际存在位置有10英尺远。
Deft and dextrous
The classic Onkyo signature of absolutely thunderous drive and attack is to the fore – the ’875’s dramatic dynamic potency is revealed during the naval bombardment in Chapter 4 – but it’s a more rounded performer than its predecessors. This Onkyo is a deft, dextrous device, just as capable of raising the hair on the back of your neck as it is cuffing you ‘round the ear. It steers effects promptly and precisely, isolates dialogue nicely and does it all with an unshowy authority.
作为典型Onkyo签名符号,即绝对雷鸣般的驱动和攻击,将呈现眼前 - 该875功放生动的动态潜力在第4章节的海军炮火轰炸过程中显露出来 - 但它是一个比它前辈更全面的选手。这个Onkyo功放是款果断而身手敏捷的设备,能干得正象(它)使你竖起脖子后面的头发同时又在你耳朵周围用手掌拍打。它敏捷而精确地掌控着(电影)效果,将对话很好地分离出来,这一切都是经由不显山露水的驾驭能力来表现。
An even greater surprise is the Onkyo’s facility with music. Once it would have stomped home well behind the likes of an Arcam, but the ‘875 delivers a natural, uncoloured stereo sound, well focused and well judged. True, the Arcam AVR280 (£1200) is better resolved, but the Onkyo is easy to consider as an amplifier for all your home entertainment needs. It’s a deeply impressive receiver.  
一个甚至更大的惊喜是该Onkyo功放对播放音乐的娴熟。有一次,它(播放爵士跺脚舞)有点象Arcam功放的味道把家庭气氛搞得像模像样,但875功放传送出一种自然、未经着色的立体声效果,很好地关注、很好地判断。是的,(1200英镑的)Arcam AVR280功放有更好的解析力,但该Onkyo功放很容易被当作一款适合你家所有家庭娱乐目的而使用的功放。它是一款深深打动人心的功放。

Yamaha DSP-AX863SE ★★★★★



日本参考价格:68,774日元(KAKAKU 2009年3月26日)

An expertly tuned AV amplifier that, sonically, is a cut above the other machines in this line-up

For 赞同之处:
Breathtaking dynamics; powerful, solid bass; natural, detailed presentation; excellent surround sound processing

Against 反对意见:
Specification could be more comprehensive

When we originally reviewed this amp in December, it had an £800 price tag, but Yamaha has shrewdly slashed the price to make it ultra-competitive.
Compared with its cheaper sibling, you get a slight increase in power, an extra HDMI input, and 1080p upscaling. You’ve still got Deep Colour, x.vColour support, HD audio decoding and Yamaha’s YPAO auto set-up technology.
与它的更便宜的同门相比,你得到了功率上的稍微增加,一个额外的HDMI输入端子和1080P升频。你仍然得到对Deep Colour、x.v Colour技术的支持、HD音频解码和Yamaha公司的YPAO自动设置技术。
You’ll also notice that the chassis carries a special ‘UK tuned’ badge. This indicates that it has been specifically modified for the UK market.
你也将注意到该底板标有一个特殊的“UK Tuned(英国调音)”标记。这显示了它已特别地为英国市场做了修正。(注:不确定,国内或者香港市场是否有此认证?)
How? Yamaha conducted research into how UK users want their products to sound and they came up with two aims: to make audio natural and to recreate the effects/music as the filmmaker or recording artist intended.
To achieve this, Yamaha has included special components ranging from power transformers to diodes to help promote a sound that Yamaha claims to be agile, transparent, powerful and balanced.
Bags of bang for your buck
And Yamaha has hit the nail squarely on the head. With £200 off the price, the performance-per-pound ratio has gone through the roof – and this amplifier romped to our Product of the Year Award.
同时,Yamaha公司已真正触动你的神经。随着200英镑的降价,每英镑性能比率已经冲破屋顶 - 因而该功放轻而易举地获得了我们的“本年度大奖产品”(称号)。
It magnifies all that’s good about its sibling, but adds greater detail, refinement and richness to the mix. It sweeps Iron Man’s surround effects around the room with precision.
该功放增强了它同胞兄弟的许多好地方,但又混合了更多细节、精巧和浓烈。它将电影《钢铁侠 Iron Man》的环绕效果声横扫整个房间,并不失精度。
When our metal chum tries to evade the US fighter pilots, his agility is mirrored in the sound. Add transparency and detail to the mix and you’re exposed to every subtle nuance in a film soundtrack.
Both in surround sound and stereo use, the Yamaha stamps its dynamic authority.
Spin a CD, turn on Pure Direct (so all unnecessary circuitry is shut down) and it exhibits a level of refinement that can give £1000 receivers a serious run for their money.
播放张CD唱片,开启直通(Pure Direct)功能(这样所有非必要的电路都会关闭),这时它展示出一种能让1000英镑(AV)功放自叹不如的精巧层次。

音频应用 中国最大的音频交流网站!有产品资源可以联系站长!~









Rank: 30Rank: 30Rank: 30Rank: 30

发表于 2016-1-5 |

Yamaha DSP-Z7 ★★★★★



日本参考价格:264,000日元(KAKAKU 2009年3月25日)

Anyone lucky enough to have two grand to spill on a multichannel amp needs to hear this

For 赞同之处:
Cast-iron control and authority; communicative with movies and, to a lesser extent, music; lengthy specification; built to last

Against 反对意见:
Internet radio may not suit everybody

As befits a £2000 home cinema amplifier, Yamaha's bruising DSP-Z7 is bristling with sockets and features.
The Z7 upconverts any input video signal to HDMI, and upscales the same signal to 1080p; it decodes all HD audio codecs; it can power as many as four zones; and it's packing five HDMI inputs and two outputs, in case you run a TV and a projector.
Add in wireless networking, unburstable build quality, accurate mic-driven auto-setup and a useful remote control and the Yamaha reads as if it should be worth the money.
More importantly, it sounds as if it's worth the money too. Playing the Dolby TrueHD soundtrack of The Dark Knight, the Yamaha extracts prodigious levels of detail, punches with implacable solidity and steers effects with alacrity.
更重要的是,它听上去也似乎值这点钱。播放电影《黑暗骑士 Dark Knight》的Dolby TrueHD声轨,该Yamaha功放演绎出巨大的多层次细节、以难以平息的扎实感(给予观众)打击而且敏捷轻快地掌控着音效。
Big dynamic shifts are handled dismissively, voices are well integrated, and the soundstage enjoys a rare uniformity and cohesion.
More than capable with every kind of audio
Lesser formats are treated with equal assurance – the Z7 has pitiless authority over the toughest soundtracks and the fussiest speakers.
较低级的格式被同样有把握地表现好 - 该Z7功放对最费力的声轨和最龟毛的音箱都有着无情的驾驭能力。
It's also pretty musical by the standards of its peers. Ultimately it lacks outright subtlety and timing can be hit-and-miss, but there's no shortage of attack or attitude.
Using the aforementioned upconverter/upscaler, there's no that doubt standard-definition movies and TV are more watchable as a result.
The simple HDMI throughput, where audio is stripped from the incoming HDMI source and the pictures passed through to a display, has absolutely no impact on picture quality – whatever goes into the Yamaha comes out intact.
直通的HDMI吞吐能力,在这里音频从输入的HDMI源剥离同时将图像直送到显示设备,图像质量绝对没有受到影响 - 无论什么进入该Yamaha功放的(图像)都不经阉割地输出。
So it ain't cheap, but sometimes – like here, for instance – you get exactly what you pay for.
总之,它不便宜,但有时 - 譬如象这里 - 你真正获得到你花钱买的东西。



1) 安桥NR906:http://www.jp.onkyo.com/product/txna906x/
“定格出力” - 每声道200W(6欧姆 THD 0.05%以下) / “実用最大出力” - 每声道280W(JEITA标准 6欧姆)/ 770W总功率
2) 先锋SC-LX81:http://pioneer.jp/components/avamp/lx81/index.html
“定格出力” - 每声道140W(8欧姆 THD0 .09%以下)/ “実用最大出力” - 每声道220W(JEITA标准 8欧姆)/ 700W总功率
3) 雅马哈V3900:http://www.yamaha.co.jp/product/av/prd/dsp-ax3900/index.html
“定格出力” - 每声道140W(6欧姆)/ “実用最大出力” - 每声道185W(JEITA标准 6欧姆)/ 400W总功率
4) SONY DA5400ES:http://www.ecat.sony.co.jp/AV-Hi ... ES&PG=3#P_EX2_135_0
“定格出力” - 每声道120W(8欧姆)/ “実用最大出力” - 每声道150W(JEITA标准 8欧姆)/ 300W总功率
“定格出力” - 每声道130W(8欧姆 THD 0.05%以下)/ “実用最大出力” - 每声道180W(JEITA标准 6欧姆)/ 320W总功率


再见What Hifi有关评论:

LX81:““直接能量高清技术(Direct Energy HD)”功率放大系统,以帮助该功放产生出一种强大有力而有调性的响应能力。”


其次,如果有“1234567版语录”出版的话,我应该清楚地记得其中最经常说的一句话会是“一分价钱一分货”或者类似的表达。这是一针见血、醍醐灌顶的说法,虽然具体操作有多重标准的难度(国内行货?港行?日版?)。经过考虑,我尝试使用可以查询追踪价格走势的KAKAKU网站报价作为依据,理由是:1) 日本是电子产品和音响大国,其中的竞争和用户素质都是首屈一指,可以作为参考市场;2) 大多是直销铺货,就排除了国内和香港分公司或者代理商的黑心率影响;3) 能排除汇率波动因素。

1) 安桥NA906X:http://kakaku.com/item/20435010220/pricehistory/
2) 先锋LX81:http://kakaku.com/item/20436010228/pricehistory/
3) 雅马哈V3900:http://kakaku.com/item/20439010234/pricehistory/
4) SONY DA5400ES:http://kakaku.com/item/20437010225/pricehistory/




What Hifi的评论:

1) 安桥NR906:“切换到二声道重播,缺少(对播放内容)娴熟微妙处理手腕(的毛病)再一次显露”
2) 先锋LX81:很遗憾,居然没有具体提及就给了Best Buy大奖,太鲁莽了?!:-)
3) 雅马哈V3900:“CD回放上,与稍显浓郁的音调平衡感相对应,该Yamaha功放听上去比安桥的TX-NR906更加热情奔放。”
4) SONY DA5400ES:“音乐性已经成为Sony最近出品的家庭影院功放系列中贯穿高低档次恒定不变的主旋律,而该款STR-DA5400ES简单地将该点带到了一个新的层次。经由一份异常奇异美妙的旋律感,该功放不偏不倚地关注在细节并维系住你的兴趣点。音符间的边际感被出色地勾画出来,以容许功放饱含着巨大自信达到收放自如境界。”

就此看来,以前安桥AV功放有不错的音乐重播性的传说被打败了,甚至败给了传说中不甚好的雅马哈AV功放(好像据说雅马哈自1700 / 3700起就改变了和音乐有关内部运放?),所以音乐性从高到低应该是:DA5400ES、LX81(以Best Buy身份猜)、V3900、NR906。


至于重播电影的音效上差别,说老实话,没看出来What Hifi对任何一款有不满意的,只是功放各有特色:

1) NR906的雄浑:“在那些拔山动地的动态帮助下持续(长时间动态)并给予你的心智以爆炸性的打击。”
2) LX81的清晰无渲染:“该先锋功放不是将它的性格特色强加到一部电影中去,而是让你自由地去享受在电影原声中包含的那种纯粹和精巧。”
3) V3900的声场取胜:“该功放将声音完美地延伸出音箱,确保在声场中没有留下任何的缝隙。”
4) DA5400ES的有细节而秀丽:“Sony公司创造出一个有膨胀弹性、开阔而明晰的环绕声场,这种清澈容许功放搜刮出惊人巨量的细节。……在这个价位上,和它的竞争对手比,似乎有点结像形状偏瘦小。”




首先,还是回到“说文解字”四个字,我本人也只是一个潜在买家、还没拥有这里所谈的任何一部功放,所有推论都是基于What Hifi的评论和其它一些网络信息收集,看法仅供参考。(以下排名仅遵照一开始的功率排名,并无特别推荐暗示。)

1) 安桥NR906:




2) 先锋LX81:
What Hifi 08年度大奖、HiVi08年冬季大赏第3名(第2名是更贵一点的Z7),即使说有不完美也应该接近该价位的完美,有“日机欧美声”的美誉。如果要说缺点也只有对它的音乐性持有保留性疑问、Ken Lee老大对它视频芯片处理能力的较低评价和高出同级一头的价格。




3) 雅马哈V3900:
What Hifi对它的缺点评论是“既生瑜,何生亮”,好像和LX81成一时瑜亮之势。但先看价格,V3900就会让你舒服不少,内地、日本、香港三地的标价非常接近。如果说去香港买安桥NR906回来是有在外偷吃占便宜的快感,那在大陆买行货雅马哈V3900就是明媒正娶般的爽气和舒心,实在是行货爱好者的首选之一。雅马哈看家本领DSP声场营造是它胜出之道,特别要提一句的是如果你家的格局只能布置5.1声道而非7.1声道,雅马哈功放的DSP特效可能在后方环绕声的补强上会有其它功放没有的正面效果。另外,不管你信不信,音乐性也被给予了正面评价。功率、易用性等其它方面似乎处于中庸水平。



4) SONY DA5400ES:
抛开音乐性好先不谈,想想SONY有哪些优势?首先,次世代光盘格式蓝光是它的专利,如果说谁对蓝光格式吃得最透,那当然是SONY。其次,SONY是这几家电器公司中唯一一家拥有电影公司!它应该对电影的后期制作也独有心得。HiVi08年冬季大赏第1名(10位评委8位打满分)的美誉令人顿生无限遐想。另外六个HDMI输入端子非常具有实用性(举例:蓝光机、高清有线机顶盒、高清卫星机顶盒、PS3、X-Box360等)。不多的缺点集中在结象偏清瘦和功率偏小上(虽然有人说SONY标法更接近真实其实不小),但这是必然的啊,SONY DA系列还没出到头,如果DA5400ES完美了,再往上的7x00ES和9x00系列去卖给鬼?把自己逼到墙角,不是日本公司的做法,何况还是老狐狸SONY!





我个人环境条件是客厅长边摆放的5.1系统。音箱一直落在JBL家族,不出意外的话是5个Control 5,除非能从日本买到43xx系列的小箱子回来(一直在诱惑我的是4307、4312MK II、4312D。日本买太便宜了!http://kakaku.com/kaden/speaker/ma_382/),目前较长一段先不打算上纯后级。我的听音习惯相信是音乐多过电影,所以首先毫不犹豫肯定排除天龙AVR-3808A。其次,出于预算和心理平衡考虑,一般不会在内地或香港去买台高溢价的Sony DA5400ES,毕竟我不是索饭,同时这台功放相对我选音箱的推力也应该偏小,国内用家又不多。

最难考虑的是从V3900、NR906、LX81选出一个。论声场选V3900;论功率、论性价比、论视频性能选港行NR906;论全面性LX81应该无出其右。退一步,What Hifi说LX71和LX81之间差200英镑(合2000人民币),还是推荐选LX81;但现实是LX71和LX81之间的差价高达了4000多港币(合3500人民币),因此也许LX71也是可以考虑的。


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